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The philosophy of Step Change

We chose our name as we believe it means a significant change in attitude or skill, especially which results in a definite improvement. We took some inspiration from Abhishek Ratna who said: "a gap in skills and abilities reveals a golden opportunity." We as a coaching provider want to bring about that golden opportunity for you.


The aim of our coaching is for participants to learn individual and team-based skills, tactics, and strategies in a game oriented fun and safe environment. Our principle coaching focus is the pivotal emphasis on "mastering" the fundamental basics in a dynamic environment, coupled with the development of higher-level skill.

We at StepChange want to help players increase their capabilities, confidence and comfort in all game situations. To that end, our aim of our camps is to help individuals to achieve their potential both as an individual and as part of a team. 

Our team of qualified coaches will be looking to put the players through in-game situations and help to them to develop their fundamental skills at both a technical and tactical level; looking to help the players generate a deeper level of understanding and decision making in the intricacies of match play, while also developing comfort and control in the technical nuances to become more effective in ever-changing, ever-different situations.

We at StepChange hope that everyone, players and coaches, come out of our camps having explored another level of their potential, are able to feel more comfortable in their fundamental skills, and to feel empowered to utilize these capabilities in the heat of competition.

Fundamentally, we want to help everyone involved take Steps in Changing their performance for the better, help them on their way to achieving their potential, and to have a greater appreciation of the game of hockey, no matter the current stage in their continuous progression.

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