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October 2023 Indoor Tournament

Indoor Tournament Details:

An action packed day of indoor hockey matches, game on game off games.  Lots of teams and players all in one location creating the ultimate fun, competitive indoor hockey day!

Indoor hockey is a fast paced, exciting, goal fest version of hockey. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare for your up and coming indoor tournaments like the Copper Box. We hope you enjoy the day. 

We are running our October half term Indoor Tournament. We were happy with how the tournament went last year, with the focus being on providing the best environment to develop indoor hockey through competition.


We are going to have two halves with a 5-minute half time to allow for great learning and development opportunities. We will have four teams per gender per age group, with “on-off” games (girls play, boys play). It will be a round robin with placement matches so two hours of playing time.


We see this tournament as not only a great place for indoor hockey development, but preparation for national competitions and copper box.


The season is just round the corner, team sign up must be done by september, to ensure smooth planning. The entry will be the same as last year £150 (£15 per player) to cover the costs of running the tournament.

Monday 23th October - GIrls and boys u16

Tuesday 24th october - girls and boys u14

wednesday 25th october - girls and boys u12

thursday 26th october - girls and boys u10 


Where: The tournament will be at Epsom College, College Road, Epsom, KT17 4JQ.

Timings: Team registration is 09:15 and presentations/wrap up will be done by 4pm (U16s/U14s) and 2:30pm (U12s/U10s).

Any questions please ask: 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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